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Transform Worker Safety with Data that Surrounds Every Worker  

Our Connected Risk Platform provides insights that make your business and workers smarter to reduce workers' comp loss, enhance a safety culture, and save money.

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Prevent Safety Incidents Before They Happen

The most complete platform for Risk-Avoidance-as-a-Service helps organizations identify, mitigate, and prevent safety risks before they happen. Our patented (No. 11,704,615), award-winning safety technology is easy to integrate into your workers’ comp program. 


Implement an active approach to differentiate a workers' comp program and start benefiting from reduced loss, improved safety, and increased cost savings.

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Active Underwriting

Enabling a better approach to underwriting by assessing and understanding workplace risk, loss experience, and tech-enabled risk avoidance.

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Active Protection

Delivering active workplace risk protection with automated individualized coaching, via a risk score and training opportunities, and enterprise reporting.

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Active Loss Avoidance

Providing continuous, data-driven approach to risk prevention fueled by contextual data and the latest technological advances drilled down to the individual level.

With a Strong Workplace Safety Culture, Everyone Benefits

The Connected Risk Platform drives new and innovative approaches to underwriting, safety, loss control, claims, and new product and service development.

In 2021, 70 million days of lost to work-related injuries, according to National Safety Council.

Reduction in workers' comp claims by companies who implemented safety programs.

Employers who spend on workplace safety can expect a return on their investment according to OSHA.

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Help Workers Avoid Injury with SAM - the Safety bot

SAM (Safety About Me) is the first automated workplace safety coach that understands individual employees.

SAM informs employees and managers of their own and their teams' safety risks and provides coaching to improve workplace safety.


SAM enables a smarter and stronger safety culture informed by real insights. 

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