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altumai Insurance Solutions specializes in agriculture workers compensation insurance. 

Our easy-to-use app-based safety technology is included with every policy. It's easily deployed on mobile phones with no need for separate devices.

We provide insurance in all 50 US states and write policies for a minimum of $75,000*.

*For policies under $75,000, please reach out to Consideration for smaller policies may be given with based on past loss data and full compliance with SAM technology. 

Agriculture / Farming Focus 

Operations within the following industry segments:

1.Field Crops

2.Vegetables & Melons

3.Truck Farms

4.Fruits & Tree Nuts


6.Automated Dairy

7.Nurseries & Ornamental Floriculture

8.Food Crops, grown under cover

Agriculture Related Services

1.Farm Labor and Management Services, including Farm Labor Contractors

2.Food packaging and processing as it relates to farm and agriculture produced goods

3.Certain Retail Stores, such as Farm Stands or Farm Associated Markets

i.Fruit and Vegetable

ii.Meat, Fish or Poultry

4.The following services may be considered in support of a larger agricultural account, but not on a stand-alone basis

i.Soil Preparation Services

ii.Crop Services (except cotton ginning)

iii.Animal services

iv.Landscape and Horticultural Services

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