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Active Workers Compensation Solutions

Workers compensation insurance coverage with altumai is a win-win-win. Built to prevent claims before they happen with patented technology that is simple to use, non-intrusive, and easy to follow. It benefits everyone.


Active insurance enables brokers to differentiate in a crowded marketplace, deepen their impact with insureds and improve retention. Engage insureds with insights that drive results throughout the term of the policy.


altumai’s experienced team offer high levels of service and responsiveness.  We are creative problem-solvers with a ‘can-do’ attitude.  We provide clear alignment on risk appetite and make expedient decisions on risks to save you time.


Active insurance allows insureds to take control of their workers’ comp spend.  Proactively.  Insureds, when leveraging altumai’s built into the policy technology can reduce their loss experience, enhance safety and promote safety culture based on objective data while reducing costs over the long-term. 


Insureds also use altumai’s technology to record safety incidents and improvements, manage compliance and reward safe behavior among workers and managers.  The result?  Reduced severity and frequency loss costs, enhanced productivity and a workforce that knows that their employer prioritizes their safety.


Active insurance helps workers go home at the end of the workday without injury.  Avoiding injury means not having to face lost wages and the physical and emotional pain that comes with an injury. 


With active insurance by altumai, employees can be confident that their employer prioritizes their safety.  Workers use the safety technology knowing that they are in charge and control when data is collected.


Knowing that no biometric or other sensitive data is ever used to provide safety coaching gives workers confidence that their employer has their best interest at heart. 

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