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altumai Awarded Foundational Patent for Workers’ Compensation, Risk and Safety

CHICAGO, December 19, 2023 – altumai, a leading SaaS connected risk platform serving commercial insurance for workers compensation for improved workplace safety, has announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted patent No. 11,704,615.  The patent covers a foundational workplace risk solution for the collection of comprehensive risk data originating from a variety of multi-modal sources, such as cameras, phones and ergonomic IoT devices, an AI/machine learning risk assessment and a feedback loop to stakeholders for awareness and action to reduce the total cost of risk and improve workplace safety.


“We are pleased to receive a patent that affirms the process for the connected risk platform that will become the industry standard for the technology driven collection, assessment and mitigation of risk in the workplace as it relates to the individual worker,” said Simon Prowse, CTO at altumai. “The ongoing utilization of advanced capabilities, including AI/ML is set to enhance the entire ecosystem, fostering advancements in underwriting, claims, loss control and most importantly elevating a workplace safety culture.” 


A hallmark or altumai’s connected risk platform is a device agnostic approach encompassing a variety of data capture methods and devices, risk categories and data types. altumai’s initial technology focus has been to use the mobile phone for data capture, risk awareness and coaching, taking advantage of the ubiquity of the mobile phone to reduce costs and barriers to entry. Future versions of the connected risk platform will expand to include the functionalities described in the patent, as well as leverage generative AI to operate on the proprietary data sets to transform workplace risk. 


“The connected risk platform provides a foundational capability for employers and insurers to reduce the total cost of risk”, added Lars Skari, head of product at altumai. “Whether you are looking to differentiate your Workers’ Comp program or reduce overall portfolio risk and improve profitability, altumai’s technology and patent offers a cost-effective solution that can be tailored to clients’ unique needs while ensuring that user privacy, data safety and governance requirements are met.”



About altumai:

altumai is an insuretech company that provides a comprehensive solution to workers, companies and insurers to identify, inform and coach workers to reduce risk and injury. With a core focus of using technology and the data that surrounds every worker, altumai is a leading worker health and safety application platform for mobile-enabled risk awareness, engagement, and action.

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