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Work Safe. Save Money.

Using data surrounding every worker to mitigate and prevent workplace safety risk. Provide workers’ comp insurance that rewards improved safety with lower rates.

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SAM (Safety About Me) – the safety bot. Not your average safety technology.

With the development of SAM, altumai is transforming how we understand safety risk for each individual worker.

Sam understands workers’ unique risks and delivers safety coaching to individual workers at the right time and in the right context.


The result is a safer, healthier and more productive workforce.

From data collection to individualized insights

altumai’s patented technology translates workplace safety data into insights that provide insureds and their workers with unparalleled opportunities to proactively improve safety. 


Workers obtain individualized coaching based on their unique context. SAM empowers employees with insight specific to their own workplace safety risks with easy-to-use, app-based technology


Insureds can more effectively direct safety efforts, such as identifying workers and teams with high risk exposure, workers that need training or support, establish priorities for loss control and worksite intervention and dynamic safety reporting. 

Provide clarity on worker safety. Lower workers comp costs.

altumai’s patented technology uses data and AI to transform how organizations manage safety and prevent injuries. 


Leveraging multiple data sources and a sophisticated platform that delivers the right information to the right worker at the right time via SAM (Safety About Me), the safety coach, altumai helps organizations reduce the cost and frequency of injuries, ensure compliance, and boost productivity, all while engaging and enabling the workforce

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